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Bobby Rio, author and founder of the popular men’s interest and dating advice site TSB Magazine, recently released an ebook that offers advice to introverted guys who lack the confidence and know-how to approach attractive women. The Shy Guy’s Guide for Talking to Girls: How to Turn Yourself into a Smooth Talker was first published in December of last year and is now available for download on

The Shy Guy’s Guide breaks down the process of a first meeting between a man and a woman that he is attracted to. The book addresses many common problems that guys lacking conversational confidence face in such situations. Then, it proceeds to tell readers how to overcome these issues. Rio’s insights include things like “how to recover from those moments where your mind goes blank and you completely stall out” and “how to escalate a conversation from something fun and playful to something on a more sexual level.”

The Shy Guys Guide also provides advice on how to hone basic communication skills like transitioning a conversation between topics, keeping the connection moving forward, and drawing engaging conversation out of the other person in the conversation. After covering these basics, the Guide offers readers a set of tools to help them move the first flirtatious contact to the next level, using things like innuendo to turn the conversation in a more intimate direction.

According to the publisher, the overall goal of The Shy Guys Guide for Talking to Girls is to get the reader to make lasting changes to their mindset: “What this guide is going to do is completely implant the skill of carrying a conversation with a woman into your game, brain, and personality, and make it a permanent part of you.” And teach the reader exactly how to talk to girls.

While giving readers the tools to embark on a mission of personality-changing and conversation-skill-development, Rio also offers ideas that can be applied immediately. He mentions the biggest mistakes that guys make during that crucial first conversation, and follows this up with a list of simple, immediately applicable ideas that can increase the chances of success. The book also addresses things like injecting humor into the conversation and creating a rapport with a woman during initial contact.

The focus of the Shy Guy’s Guide is in line with much of the content found on Rio’s seven-year-old website, The site is updated daily with advice about dating and acting confidently when approaching members of the fairer sex. The site also has articles about other men’s interest subjects like confidence building (“inner game’), college life, travel, personal finance, business, and sports. TSB draws nearly 400,000 unique visitors each month.

The Shy Guys Guide for Talking to Girls: How to Turn Yourself into a Smooth Talker is one of nine dating-related ebooks that Rio currently has on the market, with titles like How to Keep a Conversation Going: 9 Tools to Never Run Out of Things to Say offering tips and advice that compliment the topics covered in the Shy Guy’s Guide.

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Best Subjects To Talk To Girls About

It can often be difficult trying to determine what women want to talk about.  Women are an interesting bunch in that they are not all created equally.  This is an obvious statement, but it is also true that women typically have a common set of things they are neutral or happy to talk about with men. So what do girls want to talk about?   If you are searching for things to talk to women about, here is a list of great topics as well as details related to each piece that you can talk to a girl about.

Girls enjoying talking about fun things they like do.  This could include their hobbies, but in general this is light-hearted topic that allows you to get to know what does truly likes to do for fun.  She may talk about going to the movies, she may like various sports, which can be rare but good nonetheless, and she can even talk about music.  There are so many topics around what girls like to do for fun, I would be surprised if came out and said nothing.

Talking about travel is another good area to explore.  There may be some women who do not travel much, but for those that do this is a great area to explore for a number of reasons.  First, it allows you to show how well traveled you are if you’ve been to a number of places.  Second, it gives you a chance to learn more about her passion for traveling.  And three, traveling can spur many other areas of conversation.

Unless she has a sore spot with her family, family is a good one to talk about.   Depending on the stage in the conversation or the place, I don’t think talking about family in a bar or a club is he ideal place.  But maybe on a first date or something like that would make great conversation.   This is good because it allows you to get a little more personal with her and divulge information about you that not many people may know about.

Talking about her job or her future career goals is a nice one to discuss.  Again, if she does not have a job then you could be putting yourself in a tough position.  Then again, if she doesn’t work then that’s good you know now versus later.  You don’t want a woman who is dependent on people.   This subject also allows you to talk about your career endeavors and what you do for a living.

The topic of future goals sort of alludes to future career aspirations but it can still be open ended to include life, travel, family, living, whatever.  That’s why I like this topic because it opens up the conversation to what she is really looking forward to in the future in terms of life, work, and fun.

Hobbies are another topic that is good to talk about.  Hobbies can encompass many areas of life that women like to do, but I would still bring it up as a potential topic of conversation.  This really allows you to better understand many of her interests and what is important to her.  Again, it also allows you to talk about an area of our life and open up to her a little more.

How To Talk To Girls

Talking to women and talking to girls is not an easy thing to do.  It requires both self confidence and a decent arsenal of conversation starters and questions in your back pocket so you can keep the conversation going.  I’m going to list the top 5 questions or types of questions that allow you show interest in the woman and keep her interested in you.

Try to ask more how, why and overall open ended questions.  Stray away from the when did you get here or where do you live.  Those questions are closed ended and typically don’t get you anywhere.  You can ask those questions a maximum of two times in the beginning of the conversation.  If you keep asking closed ended questions, you’ll bore her really quickly.

What had you come to this location?  This is a good question to ask because it’s open ended, gets her talking about the joint, and gives you some ammunition for follow up questions and responses.  Your follow up could be about other good spots to go to or even telling her the bartenders here normally do a great job.

Comment on something she’s wearing.  You can simply talk about her shoes, her shirt, and even her bag.  If you comment on her bag and you’re trying to get her number, don’t come across as feminine.  If it were me, I’d keep it simple and talk about her shirt or her shoes.

Asking her about her job and what she does is a classic one.  The key is not the question.  The key is the follow up.  Good follow up questions are what had you go into that line of work and what are you trying to do long term.  You don’t want to come across as a corn ball or someone who is too serious when you both are at a club and lounge trying to escape the normal hustle and bustle, but every once in a while it’s OK to bring work up.

My favorite is to make fun of her a little bit.  Not to say bad things about her but after you’ve built a little repoire you can actually joke with her in a way that’s innocent and funny.  It also puts the power in your hands because when that happens she’s looking to gain more of your approval.  There are more points of this in others sections of the site.